Stand design and construction

Appendix #1
to the construction access contract

Rules of the builder access to the construction works at the exhibitions and fairs of EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company

In accordance with Electric Inspection Service and the Ministry for Emergency Situations requirements to the builders of exhibition expositions in the cases when the exhibitors either involve third-party companies to perform installation, electrical, plumbing and artistic design works or exercise all the works by its own forces,the assembling documents shall be provided to organizer not later than 15 days before the agreed date of the works beginning (if not agreed other time terms):

  1. Exhibition stand project (isometry, front view, top view) with such indications as: overall dimension, materials used for decorating, ways to provide load-carrying capacity and spatial stiffness of the structure, location according to the sides of the exhibition hall, installation points for input electric power distribution panel, the places of plumbing inputs to the stand boundaries.
  2. Stand construction notification letter (written) on the exhibitor’s company letter-head (Form#1).
  3. Application-assurance on the builder company letter-head (Form#2).
  4. Equipment differentiation and responsibility distribution Report of electrical installations exploitation (Form#3).
  5. Electricity supply calculation of the stand Form#4).
  6. Letter providing the right of bringing in/taking out and mounting/dismantling access on the builder’s company letter-head (Form#5).
  7. Copy of the statement from the group access distributing log book (not less than 4th group access) of the people responsible for electric installation works with contact numbers provided.
  8. Electro physical Test Report copy of builder’s electrical equipment that are used for stand installation.
  9. If any flammable material (wood, straw, cane, fabric material and etc.) was used for stand decorating works, exhibitor shall provide combustion preventing treatment Report attached with the license copy of the company performed this service.
  10. Copies of Fire Safety certificates of used materials.

Equipment transportation exercised for stand installation to the exhibition area will be allowed on the condition that the exhibitor has submitted the assembling documentations mentioned above.

Stand installation and art decoration should be started and finished according to the working hours terms (from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.) including packaging removal. Working time extension after 10 p.m. requires additional payment for each hour and should be recorded in Access letter (Form#5).

Stands and exhibition objects mounting/dismantling should be executed not more than 1 meter far from the exhibitor’s allotted space boundaries with polyethylene film floor covered to avoid paint or any other solutions dirty and open passes free from construction waste and packaging.

Stand should be equipped with input electric power distribution panel withprotective system corresponding to the calculated workloads, sanitary ware items should be fitted out with the manufacture produced plumbing communications according to the standards (water feed – 1/2 inch, water take off – 50 mm).

Installation of advertising posters, logotypes and etc. on the stand side contiguous with the other exhibitors are not allowed. This wall side should look presentably and one-color white.

The workers taking part in stand installation should be provided with special clothes (one style) and builder’s company badges with the workers name, surname, and profession with the corresponding identification names (logotypes).

Working personnel performed the electric installation works should belong to not less than the 3rd electrical safety group and the worker’s certificate approved the qualification can be required upon check during all period of mounting/dismantling works.

Stand installation on the exhibition area with the usage of plasterboard, chipboard, MDF, plywood, and boards, and other construction materials are carried out from pre-manufactured structures and stand elements plastered, primed and painted before the installation process. It is allowed separate stand elements tinting with water-based emulsions, grinding and fit cutting with obligatory connection with dust-collecting equipment.

Cleaning, waste removalgenerated during stand construction works to the waste dumps at exhibition hall is carried out by the forces and means of the builder’s organization. It is not allowed to accumulate debris on the area construction works performed.

Voltage supply to theinput device, as well as the connection of engineering communications, is carried out by the official builder "ExpoService" LLC, provided that the other builder complies with the electrical installation works safety rules and regulations mentioned above.

On the exhibition hall area PROHIBITED:

  • vehicles entry to the exhibition hall for loading and unloading works without coordination with the organizer;
  • performance of welding, sawing, grinding, varnishing works, metal profile cutting into size with angle grinders and other works connected with the full exhibition stand details manufacture;
  • to fasten the stand elements and equipment to the architectural and construction structures, the floor surfaces, the exhibition hall walls and on the adjacent territory without coordination with the organizer;
  • to use the equipment and furniture brought in by exhibition participants and organizers for installation works, rest and food intake;
  • to enter or pass through carpeted floor covering while goods transportation;
  • to paste and place information signs on any exhibition hall surfaces and stands without coordination with the organizer;
  • to use gasoline, kerosene, nitro-solvents and other easily flammable compounds for the stand surfaces washing;
  • to dismantle stands by tipping the stand structure onto the floor and dropping separate stand elements from the heights;
  • to adhere to walls, columns, windows and doorways, other participants exhibition equipment and materials;
  • to use open fire, drinking alcohol and smoking.

Exhibitor (Builder) is obliged:

  • to provide the full mounting and cleaning of the exhibition stand before the installation works deadline, and all the exhibition equipment remains, materials and tools must be removed outside the exhibition hall;
  • in case of acute necessity of stand mounting works time extension, to come to agreement with the organizer in advance with hourly payment according to the established cost;
  • to provide the cleaning of allotted area, remove the floor covering, construction waste, scotch, dust and spots after the exhibition stand dismantling.

If the event exhibitor (its builder) failure to perform “The general requirements of exhibition participation” and presented “Rules”, EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company draws the Violations Revealed Report (Form#6). Party in fault should refund the expanses.

Exhibition organizer: EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company

Person handling with the documentations provided access to the construction works:

Natalia Budnik – Tel. +375 17 314-34-36, E-mail:
Anton Starikov – Tel. +375 17 314-34-30, E-mail:
Alexander Nikolaevich – Tel.+375 17 314-34-38, E-mail: (for international or speaking English builders).

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