- 2018



: Poland, 03-815, Warsaw, Chodakowska str., 19/31
.: (+48 22) 5179961, (+48) 604947038
: (+48 22) 7409010
E-mail: admissions@swps.edu.pl
: www.swps.pl/ru

SWPS University is Poland's first private university. Our new motto, "We, the University," is a reflection of what is important to us. Not only are we proud of our achievements, but we also acknowledge our obligation towards our students, scholars and the local community. We understand that it is our responsibility to uphold the values of our university.

We firmly believe that education which is based on current research and focused on the development of practical skills ensures the best start for our graduates. Together with our partners that include representatives of business, culture and NGOs, we create exciting and well-designed programs of study.

Our aim is for our students and alumni to be guided by the principles of openness and responsibility, in pursuit of their life goals. We teach them critical thinking, encourage them to look for new solutions and make positive changes in the world.