Mom and Baby

11.10.2019 - 13.10.2019

Exhibition pavilion, 14 Pobediteley av., Minsk, Belarus


MOM AND BABY is annual family urban festivity timed to Mother’s Day – 14th of October. It is both central exhibition event reflecting tendencies in the market of goods and services for parents and children and synthesis of specialized exhibition, interactive presentations, educational and entertaining programs and projects as well.

One of the unique projects of the exhibition is TWICE HAPPY – the 6th Twins' festival

TIME: October 11-13, 2019

PLACE: Exhibition pavilion, 14 Pobediteley av., Minsk, Belarus.

ORGANIZER: EXPOFORUM Exhibition Company jointly with Minsk City Executive Committee.

Exhibition sectors



  • Goods for pregnant women and newborns
  • Food for babies
  • Medical, insurance and banking services
  • Cosmetics and hygienic production


  • Children’s clothing and accessories
  • Shoes for children
  • Clothing for pregnant


  • Games and toys for children
  • Goods for children’s creative work
  • Equipment for playrooms


  • Furniture for children’s rooms
  • Furniture for educational institutions
  • Accessories and interior solutions, textile
  • Multi-functional equipment for playgrounds


  • Centers of additional and pre-school education
  • Children’s lingual and speech therapy centers
  • Art and children’s entertainment centers, sports facilities and clubs
  • Literature for specialists, parents, and children
  • Products for equipping preschool institutions, goods for school, audio and video products
  • Goods for active rest, sporting accessories
  • State for children: social services, social assistance centers for families and children


  • Board games
  • Sets for art
  • Constructor sets
  • Experimental sets
  • Brain-twisters, puzzles
  • Educational games
  • Interactive games

Participation cost

(during the whole period of the exhibition, all prices are appeared in Euros (EUR, €), VAT excluded (VAT = 20%)

Registration fee

60 EUR + VAT

Includes: general expenses for the organization of the exhibition and its program, general exhibition advertising, company information publishing on the Organizer’s web-site, 3 Exhibitor’s badges.
Exhibition space rent

Unequipped exhibition area

40 EUR + VAT per 1 sq. m.

Exhibition area without stand construction (only bare floor)


Equipped exhibition area

55 EUR + VAT per 1 sq. m.

Includes: the value of unequipped exhibition area (only bare floor), and the cost of complex stand construction from the system exhibition equipment (with frieze panel without inscription), 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 single spotlight for every 4 sq. m., 1 plug socket 220V, 1 waste basket.


Outdoor exhibition area

20 EUR + VAT per 1 sq. m.