Chemistry. Oil & Gas

03.05.2016 - 06.05.2016

Roofed Soccer Arena, 20/2 Pobediteley av., Minsk, Belarus


Exhibition sectors:

  • Technologies, raw materials, and production of chemical manufactures.
  • Chemical products and materials in different economy branches.
  • Chemical reagents, diagnostic sets, small-capacity special chemicals.
  • Plastics, polymeric and synthetic materials, caoutchouc, mechanical rubber items, hires.
  • Chemical fibers.
  • Technologies and products of primary and profound processing of hydrocarbon raw materials.
  • Chemical-pharmaceutical products and chemicals. Products of microbiological synthesis. Biotechnologies.
  • Equipment, devices, and means of automation and telemetry for chemical, oil, oil-processing, and gas industry. Corrosion prevention of equipment and pipelines.
  • Laboratory equipment, instruments for chemical analysis, soft for laboratories.
  • Exploitation of oil and gas fields.
  • Collection, primary processing, transportation, and storage of oil, oil products, and gas.
  • Construction and repair of oil and gas pipelines.
  • Gasification. Stop valve, control valve, safety valve in gas distribution system. Municipal-and-domestic gas techniques, gas heaters and boiler equipment, gas pumps, domestic gas-balloon equipment, gas counters, gas-stoves.
  • Automation of processes of oil and gas production and treating for transportation.
  • Natural gas as motor fuel. Gas-balloon equipment for automobiles, highway engineering, handling-and-transport machinery, building, agricultural and other techniques.
  • Research-and-development activities.
  • Equipment washing and cleaning of enterprises of petrochemical field.
  • Environment protection. Accident prevention and safety appliances.
  • Domestic chemical goods (synthetic cleansers and cleaners, fibers and tissues, nonwoven, hygiene and sanitary perfumery products, plastic items, fertilizers, chemical protection means of plants and biostimulants of growing, lacquers, paints, enamels, pigments, mastics, glues, and polymeric building materials and constructions).